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The major step taken by hackers is not only using operating systems but they also use people and their resources for hacking. I will step by step tell you the procedure for safeguarding our resources. There are several ways hackers can attack like – using OS, using your wi-fi firmware or network services and also through your smartphones. So let’s begin –

Safeguarding your personal PC suite

1. You have to stay up-to-date for fighting against hacking viruses. For this you should on a regular basis check for latest Important Windows Updates. It’s upon you that you choose to install optional updates or not.

Install Updates regularly

2. Also keep your favourite browser up-to-date.

3. Then set up a windows administrative password or Windows Logon Password.

Don’t Keep your password constant, keep changing it on a regular basis.

i. First Go to start menu and click on the top right image.

ii. And then choose your desired option for password.

Change, Remove, or add a password

4. Every disease has an antidote so there is an antivirus for every virus. Try purchasing the antivirus software one of your choice or you can also download the software through internet. I recommend to buy an antivirus with a legal activation key.

Choose your desired antivirus

5. Securing your operating system is as important as securing your web browser and emails. Delete all your emails which you don’t seem useful or from unknown sources. Also avoid giving your personal details to unknown or trust less websites.

Note – Never click on an emailed link that looks questionable. It may be a virus.

Never ever open it

Safeguarding your Smartphone

Hackers have several ways to poke into your personal details and catch up as fast as they can.

So let’s begin –

1. Firstly keep your backup of all your important calls, messages, emails etc on your PC, tablet etc Don’t let your personal data on risk.

Back up Fast

2. Protect your every drop of data with strong passwords. And don’t ever forget your passwords.

A world with a Password

3. Don’t let anyone touch your phone accept the one you want or your family members.

4. Don’t make password upon your mobile numbers, birthday dates, or even anniversary dates.

5. Don’t every time keep your bluetooth on for even a second. Use private sharing tools or use In built sharing apps.

6. Antivirus is not made for PC only. Many antivirus come with both PC as well as mobile versions.

Note – You can prevent from being hacked from these easy and handy steps. These are not meant only for those users who read my blog. It is for everyone, So, at least share this content to your friend circle to prevent the violation of security. Because –

“You have to learn the rules of the game

And then you have to play better than anyone else”

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