Get the crypto currency in the telegram.
download telegrams
1 We start in a browser line
2. The opened page appears on the top left with 5 blue words. Click on the middle of the application (APPS).
3 On the next page Telegram for Windows / Mac / Linux, under the screen click on the blue bar, go
loading at the bottom left of the page
4 After downloading the program, click on the blue ball with the white dove and activate the program.
5 A sign appears, we insert your phone,
wait for the five-digit CODE, click on the bottom NEXT
If the code does not come, 3 blue words will appear at the top. Click on the rightmost. we enter the code, we press
below on a blue strip.
6. Appear 2 lines On the top write the Name, on the bottom of the Surname. And above there is a blue ball
with a camera. Click on the ball and load your photo from the computer.
7 The page is updated, the Telegram appears.
The telegram is going to throw out 1 000 000 GRAM !!!
Get 100 gifts, just click and register.

Telegram – a new era of messaging

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