Dooney & Bourke wallets are now even more popular with their new and improved looks that will complement any handbag or purse. You do not need to have to carry a Dooney & Bourke handbag to appreciate the fabulous style of the Dooney and Bourke wallets.

Dooney & Bourke wallets are perfect for your everyday handbag. You can carry just about any of Dooney & Bourke's wallets in any handbag for any occasion. It is said that the best look to have for your designer handbag would be the matching wallet. But, when dealing with one of the best of the designer wallet brands like Dooney, you can look just as fashionable without the matching handbag or purse.

Dooney wallets have a quality of their own. Most, if not all are affordable, and they all offer the same functionality and durability that the Dooney handbags do. So, if you really love the Dooney handbags you will fall in love with the Dooney wallets. All of the wallets have similar, if not the same designs on them as the bags do, making it very easy to decide which wallet you want to have.

They come in a variety of styles and colors as well as multiple sizes. Checkbook wallets or just the checkbook covers are available with the same emblem on them as the handbags. For the fall season are the Dooney & Bourke Pebble Grain Leather Checkbook Organizer Wallet and the Dooney & Bourke Pebble Grain Credit Card Wallet. Both of these wallets come in six different colors including the traditional solid black and brown. The best color to have is the saddle with dark brown trim. This color will match any of your handbags or purses. If you are looking for a Dooney bag that will match these particular wallets go with the Dooney & Bourke Pebble Grain Medium Stretch Slouch.

Other Dooney & Bourke wallets that will catch your eye this fall season are the Plaid Credit Card wallet, Dooney & Bourke Zebra Medium Zip Around wallet and the Dooney & Bourke Mini Bubble Checkbook Organizer wallet or Dooney & Bourke Mini Bubble Credit Card wallet. These wallets all have matching handbags. For the plaid wallet there is the Dooney & Bourke Plaid Barrel or the Dooney & Bourke Plaid Logo Lock Tulip Satchel.

For the Zebra wallet, look for the Dooney & Bourke Zebra Large Sac or the Dooney & Bourke Zebra Mini East / West Handle Tote. These bags are fabulous and go great with jeans and your favorite boots. The mini bubble wallets also have matching handbags, but are often worn with solid colored bags and purses.

The bubble bags and wallets together can be a great look if the colors match, but if worn together without the matching bubbles the look can be disastrous. The safest way to go if you want to carry a Dooney wallet, but are unsure of it matching your bag, is to go with the Dooney & Bourke Signature wallets. These have the signature DB on them and go well with any look.

All of these Dooney & Bourke wallets will look stunning with a solid colored handbag of any brand name. The Dooney wallets add color and flair to the most ordinary bag. The costs of the wallets in-store or online from will run you about $ 150- $ 200. Not bad for wallets that are so big they can be worn as small clutches. With all of the many styles and designs to choose from, you are sure to find that perfect Dooney & Bourke wallet that will complement your handbag.

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