Experienced traders are familiar with emini futures or eminis as they call them. Eminis have been in the market for a long time. They are not as large as ‘full-grown’ futures that are traded on at stock exchanges. Eminis, on the other hand are traded on the internet.

This permits retail traders to compete against professional traders at the stock exchange, without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Only forex trading can give a trader more benefits than futures trading. Of course, inexperienced traders are at greater risk of losing heavily when dealing with futures or forex trading. But this has not deterred people from trading in either of these markets.

Though trading eminis is not a simple and easy process, a dedicated trader can acquire the skill with experience. Trading rules which apply to stocks and bonds also apply to eminis. Following these basic rules is extremely important when trading with eminis because of the enormous leverage it offers.

Failure to do this will certainly result in wiping away one’s trading account within a short time. One of these rules is that you should ‘let your profits run’. Another rule insists that you must ‘cut your losses short’. This pair of rules makes a very sensible combination and provides for sensible trading.

The second rule, asking you to cut your losses short is of greater importance than the first which demands that you let your profits run. You may wonder why this should be so. It is so because if you do not cut your losses you will certainly deplete your trading account very quickly when you are dealing with eminis. Sadly, people do not pay enough attention to this golden rule and end up facing enormous losses.

We shall now look at this aspect of the trade since it is usually not given the attention it deserves. One knows fully well that the trader, like any of us, would not want to admit even to himself that he has made an erroneous decision. Being reluctant to acknowledge his mistake, the trader’s ego will push him into waiting for a favorable change. All this time the trader will be accumulating losses.

While optimism has its own role to play in trading, it is also necessary to use one’s common sense and be realistic and disciplined in money management. Breaking basic trading rules is not a sign good money management. Another reason why this ‘cut your losses short’ rule is violated is that traders lack confidence in the methods that they use to trade.

Because the trader who is chalking up losses feels that he has no better trading option, he holds on to his trading even when he keeps losing. He should bring himself to believe that it would be better to quit the losing trade because other, and better, opportunities would come his way in time.

The lesson one must take home from this is that when trading emini futures or any other market it is essential to have a sound strategy that one can depend on to cut one’s losses before they become disastrous.

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