Those who acquire gold bullion coins will be faced with a dilemma when they finally arrive at their house: what on earth are they to do with them? There is so much you can do with gold bullion coins that it can be difficult to know what use to put them to first.

If you are stuck for ideas on what to do with your gold bullion coins (GBC), then here are a few suggestions. The great thing about gold bullion coins is that they can be put to an infinite amount of uses. This list is by no means definitive!

1. Collect them

The number one use for these coins is for collection purposes. Some people collect stamps, some people collect football trading cards, some people collect gold bullion coins.

If you are a collector then the first thing you will want to do is view them in-line with the rest of your collection. Your collection may be stored in your safe, or at the local bank. A GBC collection is never really complete, but it sure does feel satisfying the more you add to it.

2. Use them as currency

Some gold bullion coins can actually be used as currency in their respective countries. The Gold Panda, for example, is legal tender in the People's Republic of China, which is why they are issued in the conviction of Yuan.

There's no better feeling than taking your coins to your local store and using them to pay for everyday items, such as bread and milk. Be aware though, some stores will not accept them as currency, so if you are desperate to cash them, you'll have to take them to a bank or specialist trader.

3. A paper weight

One unconventional function for GBC is as a paper weight. Paper plays as bigger role in our lives now than ever before. Even with the growth of the internet, paper is still the cornerstone of any good office.

GBCs make a great paper weight. They are dense and heavy; which helps them make sure the paper they are weighing down stands no chance of going anywhere. They also look great on your desk and are sure to grab the attention of any visitors or passers-by.

These are the three main uses of this product. As we state though, this list is not Gospel! Try asking around your friends if you run out of ideas for uses for your GBCs.

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